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Self Contained Remote Video Surveillance

Complete Perimeter Protection, Gate Control and Remote Job Site Monitoring.
Stockpiles of construction supplies, constantly changing job sites, remote locations, and frequent contractor access, make it challenging to completely protect your construction site using security guards alone. A successful security solution for construction sites also needs to have more than security cameras monitoring the perimeter, 24/7. This is because studies show that criminals who are not caught in the act, will return to repeatedly victimize; adding more to your existing security costs. As a General Contractor, your main concern is completing projects on time and on budget. And frequent theft and vandalism to machinery can cause significant delays to your project.
Before partnering with Radius Security, most of our customers previously have used guard services or have attempted to self-monitor their entire construction sites using basic security cameras. This especially became problematic when managing multiple projects at once. Our customers have chosen to partner with Trigger Alarm because they want to catch criminals red-handed with the help of local law enforcement.

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