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Explore What You Can Do With Google Home Voice Assistant

With smart security systems, you get so much more than you would from the past’s traditional alarm systems. Beyond using the latest Google Home Voice technology to provide superior protection, these alarm systems come ready for home security integration to offer a wide array of convenience features.

One option to gain acceptance is to integrate a digital Google voice assistant to unlock a range of voice commands. Preferably having to go to the alarm panel or open the mobile app to access the feature, the voice controls allow you to tell the digital assistant. What you want the alarm system to do?

Google Home Voice Controls for Your Smart Home Security Systems

With the Google voice assistant connected to your home alarm system, you can access a range of convenient voice controls. Some of these are wireless alarm controls, and others allow you to give commands to the automation devices you may have installed in the apartment.

Read on to learn more about using Google Voice Assistants to control your home safety features.

1. Control Smart Home Security Devices with Google Home Voice Assistant

The first step in using an alarm system is to set it up so the two devices can communicate. In this section, we are going to cover two methods for connecting your voice assistant speaker to your wireless system.

Method 1

  • With your voice controller technology activated, say the phrase, “Okay Google, talk to”

  • The assistant should respond by telling you that you need to link your account.

  • Open the voice assistant app on a device that is connected to the same account.

  • Tap the Discover tab and tap on the icon.

  • Provide the app with your sign-in credentials.

  • You will have the option to set up a four-digit PIN that can use to unlock more security features. (Recommended)

Method 2

  • Open the voice controller app using a mobile device that is connected to the same Google account.

  • Click on the sidebar icon at the top right of the screen.

  • Scroll down until you find the icon.

  • Tap on the icon and then scroll down until you find the link for the skill page.

  • Open the skill page and then follow the directions to provide your account credentials.

2. Arming and Disarming the Monitoring for Video Surveillance Systems

One great feature is that you can arm and disarm the affordable home alarm systems without having to go to the panel. It is nice because if you are in for the night and want to make sure your place is secure, you don’t even need to stop what you are doing to arm the system. It would help if you spoke a simple phrase, and Google Home will do the rest.

For arming, you need to say, “Okay Google: ask to arm the Trigger Alarm Security System” makes arming the system simply because that is an action that increases security. For activities like disarming, you would need to set up a four-digit pin because that would reduce the level of protection.

To disarm the system, you would say, “Okay Google: ask to disarm the safety system with,” followed by your PIN.

3. Access Control Solutions

If you have devices like smart locks, you can also use voice controller devices to provide access solutions. You could give the voice assistant the command to lock the front door, or if you have a smart lock on your back door, you could tell it to lock that door. If you want to close all of the doors, you could have the device lock them all at once.

Just like with the arm/disarm feature of Google Home voice commands, there is added to protect one security system for actions that could potentially compromise the safety of the house. To protect against intruders, you can lock all of your doors without a PIN, but if you want to unlock the doors, you will need to supply the PIN with the command.

Beyond being able to lock and unlock your doors, you could also use a voice controller to open and close your garage door. You need a smart garage door opener installed with your smart home alarm system. You can give the voice assessment simple commands that would control access to the garage.

4. Managing Smart Lights

If you have smart lights installed in your residence, you can also use your voice assistant for a range of home lighting features. With Google home connected to your smart home wireless system, you can turn on or off single lights. The lights that linked in a group or you can turn off every light in the home.

If you want to turn off all of the lights before bed or when leaving the house, you would say “Okay Google: ask to turn off the lights.”

To turn off single lights or groups, you would give the command, “Okay Google: ask to turn off,” followed by the name of the light or the group of lights you wish to control.

5. Full Control of Your Home Thermostat

With the best smart thermostat connected to your safety system, you can use Google Assistant to make adjustments to the temperature in your apartment. If it is a little hot, you can tell the voice assistant to turn the temperature down a little. If it is too cold, you can describe to your voice assistant that you want to turn up the heat.

You have a few options regarding adjusting the temperature with your voice assistant. You can adjust by value to tell the system that you want a change the temperature by a certain number of degrees. You can say to Google Home that you want it warmer or colder, in which case it will adjust the heat by two-degree increments. Moreover, finally, you can tell your google voice assistant to set the thermostat to a specific temperature.

6. Status Checks

Beyond controlling your home automation devices, the Google Home Voice controller can also be used to check different methods’ status. If you can’t remember whether the alarm system is armed, you can ask your voice assistant. You could also ask if the doors are locked or if the garage door is shut. If you want to know the setting of your thermostat, Google Home can help you with that as well.

With wireless temperature sensors, you could even get temperature readings from around the place. As an example, if you have a temperature sensor in the bedroom, you could ask the voice controller to tell you the temperature in that room.


Along with using controls on your mobile device, having a google home voice assistant can offer a new accommodation level when it comes to managing your safety system and your home automation devices. With a Google Home Voice smart alarm system, you can manage and monitor many of your home’s essential features without needing to go to the panel or open an app.

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